Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

A New Room for a 14 Year Old Artist



This room belonged to a 14 year old boy and the walls were like this when he moved in 3 years earlier.  He had nailed an old sheet over the window for privacy.  He was using an old t-shirt as a pillowcase and the mattress was covered with the sleeping bag he received at the Star Fresh Air Fund camp. He felt he was too grown up to still be in a blue room, which he regarded as a “little boy’s colour.”  Also, he was getting taller and really wanted a double bed. 





After we repaired and sanded areas of the walls, we painted the room a soft tan colour.  We found masculine bedding for the double bed that was donated. He got a brown Levelor venetian blind for privacy, and a beautiful desk and chair .

He was especially pleased to have the desk for his homework and for drawing, which he really enjoys.  His first comment:  “Wow!  Now this is a young man’s space!”