Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

A 12 Year Old Girl in a Basement Bedroom


Sometimes we have rooms that need fewer items and less work.  This basement room was one of them.  

This young girl had just moved into the home of her guardians, following the passing of her only parent.  Her grandfather had purchased a bed and small desk for her and the guardian gave her this dresser.  She really required storage solutions so she could keep all her “memory” items with her as long as needed.



Many of her stuffed animals got a fine perch above her bed.  Other mementos and games went into a clear plastic tub, to be housed in the closet.  We provided a bedside lamp and a wall mirror, both hand clad in floral ceramics, that brightened the space.  We also donated a gate leg table and chairs for their tiny kitchen so that all 3 members of this new family could eat together.