Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

A Blue Room for Athletic Young Sisters


These athletic sisters, aged 10 and 12 had chosen to have twin beds.  The beds were in good shape but took most of the floor space in their room.  The dresser needed knobs but there was no space for a desk, the one piece that can hold future promise.  They were agreed they would like the colour blue.  Numerous ribbons and medals on the walls indicated their love of sports.



We painted the walls a soft blue and replaced the window blind with a long beige panel, hung on a wood pole.  New knobs on a 2 drawer unit of their older sister’s made a great bedside table.  We topped it with a nice ceramic lamp, perfect for reading in bed.  The bedding combines the blue and beige colours with touches of a dark rust shade.

I was delighted to gather and frame the collection of medals and ribbons for each of these girls.  In the small space at the end of their beds I was able to fit in a small computer desk and a great blue chair.  Their big sister gave them her old computer.