Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

A Decluttering Challenge


This young girl had been through some challenging times and her room had accumulated many items she neither needed nor used.  She had a good bed and mattress but the bed needed some repair to one of the storage drawers.

The closet reflected a lack of order and the bean bag chair was only used to hold random items.



With her mom’s assistance, we helped this girl sort everything into bins labelled Keep, Toss and Donate.  When the room was cleared, we helped her arrange books, toys and craft items into storage she could see and easily access.  We repaired the drawer from the bed and one from her new sturdy wood desk.  A throw on the bean bag chair made it a cozy place to sit and read.

We hung hooks on the back of the door so items such as her back pack would stay off the floor.  We provided more hangers for her clothing and they all fit into her small closet.  This girl chose to keep the clear plastic storage cube for small apparel items rather than have a dresser.  She felt it would be easier to keep things tidy when she could see where they belong.