Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

A Finished Room for a 5 Year Old


This room belonged to a 5 year old boy.  He slept in the bottom bunk and the top was being used temporarily by a cousin.



We painted the room a very pale green shade with fresh, white trim and hung new green and white drapes on a white pole.  His bed got new linens, pillow and a soft comforter.


This mid century teak piece has drawers on the left and a cupboard on the right.  Hanging storage was not needed here, as we had provided lots of hangers for the room’s closet.  Instead, we fitted the right side with shelves to store books and toys.

This solid wood desk will provide storage and study space for years to come.  When we left this boy, he was seated here, drawing and colouring with his new supplies.