Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

A Fresh Space for 2 Brothers


This is the second bedroom for the five siblings.  It would need to house brothers, aged 8 and 10, but  was only  7′ wide.  Clothes for all 5 of the children were mostly kept here but were not easily accessible.  The space seemed dark and closed in.

The children helped their mom to clear the room for painting.  As in the girls’ room, this mom gave the floor a good scrub to freshen the space before furniture was brought in.



Now these brothers each have their own bed.  We painted the room a soft beige shade and installed a strong metal bunk bed.  Beautiful reversible comforters were donated by a senior gentleman who had them in his guest room.  The brown drapery panel came from one of our volunteers as did the coordinating rug.  A tall chest of drawers, plus plenty of hangers, provided the boys with ample clothing storage.

As with the other room in this installation there was not room for a desk.  Instead we left some new school supplies.

These 2 brothers were very happy with their space and climbed onto their beds to colour and chat.  One said the room made him feel happy and he liked the rug because it made him feel “like I’m a boss.”