Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

A Young Soccer Fan Gets a Bedroom Makeover


This boy’s room was really filled with a double size bunk bed that was handed down from his sisters.  He needed a single bed, plus storage for clothing, toys and books.  



We painted the walls his requested colour of green and used green bedding as well.  We brought in a mate’s bed that provides clothing storage in large drawers underneath.  We replaced the window blind with a bright drapery panel and continued the red accents in his desk chair and in an art frame.  His athletic ribbons were combined in a simple black frame and hung over his bed.  The bookcase on the left was attached to the wall to provide safe, vertical storage for books, games and toys.

Our young soccer player was very happy to see the soccer themed art piece above his desk.  The desk has more storage and will provide years of quiet space to read, draw and study.