Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

An Improved Space for a 14 Year Old Girl



This room appears too full.  There is a lack of useful storage.  The bed is not properly supported and the headboard is too large to attach.  Also, part of the closet was lost to a large enclosed pipe so the space to hang clothing was reduced.



We painted the walls in her favourite colour and added a comforter to match.  The new double headboard fits her bed and new wheels beneath have levelled the box spring.  A white blind was installed behind sheer curtains.  We hung a lovely co-ordinating triptic and installed a bookcase to maximize vertical storage.  This young person is an avid reader so the bookcase will be well used.

DSC_0034small 1000

We removed the mirror from her old dresser and hung it above her new desk.  Now when the busy family bathroom is occupied, she can finish prepping for school in her own room.


This lovely vintage dresser is solid wood.  It’s five dovetailed drawers provide lots of clothing storage.  The framed collection above it showcases this young woman’s athletic success. In the adjacent closet, we collected various swivel hangers to hang tops and skirts vertically in the section with narrow depth.