Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

An Unusual Bedroom in a Very Old Building


This room was in the top floor apartment of a very old building.  Each wall was either cement or lath and plaster and needed some patching.  The window wall was only 5’9, and the other end was 7′ wide.  Between the two was a boxed in chimney . The room held the only closet in the whole apartment.  This only child really wanted a bunk bed to share with a friend.



We patched, primed and painted the room a light blue (her favourite) with white trim.  Mom helped her sort the toys and stuffed animals she would donate to other children.  We brought in a bunk bed with an excellent mattress and put her mattress on the top for when a friend would stay over.  We added lovely blue and white linens, new pillows and a new duvet in a blue and white cover.  Perfect!  We also brought in a second dresser because hers had very shallow drawers and did not hold much.  We hung a blue shelf for her “stuffies” and left two blue and white striped towels on over the door hooks.  Mom reported that as this girl got into bed that night, she said  “I feel like I am either in a dream or a very fancy hotel!”