Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

Bedroom for 13 Yr Old Boy Gets Complete Makeover

His room was small and needed construction work, furniture and decorating.


This boy did not have a bed.  He slept on 2 old mattresses, stacked on top of one another.  His dresser was old and needed work.

This room was not a pleasant colour.  It also lacked baseboards, door moldings and a closet door.  Some parts of the ceiling were stained from a plumbing problem upstairs in the homeowner’s bathroom.

Other parts of the ceiling were either broken or completely missing.



Now this young man has a solid wood bed frame and a good box spring and mattress.  New bedding goes well with the pale tan colour on the walls.  He got a new wood dresser with a lovely mirror.  We added a desk with a drop down writing surface to conserve space.

We painted and installed baseboards and door molding.  The closet door was cut to size and rehung.  New ceiling tiles replaced those that were damaged or missing.