Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

Big Smiles for a Small Space


Two young girls share this very small room.  Their bunk bed was in good repair,  but the top mattress was so thin that the metal frame could be felt through it.  Consequently, they were both trying to sleep on the bottom bunk.  They also needed some clothing storage and a new window treatment.


We painted this room a pale blue with our usual fresh white trim. New curtains were hung on a sturdier pole.  A new mattress and linens were put on the top bunk and it was dressed in new peach bedding.
The bottom bunk also got new linens and pillow, plus a duvet covered in pale green.  A white dresser was donated for the girls to share.  Because the room is too small to hold a desk, each girl was given a lap desk to use with the school supplies we always provide.
We hung a full length mirror in this room and a set of hooks over the door holds a new towel for each girl, embroidered with her initials and an image of something she likes.