Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

Creating a Colourful Corner



This boy shared a room with his mom so his area was in one corner.   He had a box spring and mattress but the bedding and head board were too small to fit the bed.  His dresser was wood and useful but he had to kneel on the bed to open the drawers.



We changed the position of the bed, put it onto a metal frame and attached a beautiful wood headboard.  We used  donated paint to delineate his space right up to ceiling height.  We bought new linens to match the paint colour and topped them with a fluffy comforter and pillows.  We moved the dresser along the wall to sit under the window.

This boy is interested in nature and his mom reads to him every night.  The light we gave him has an insert that rotates as the bulb heats to show dolphins swimming by.  We also left him a book about dolphins.

There was no space in the bedroom for a desk.  We placed one with a lamp and a lovely old chair in the apartment’s main living area.