Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

Her New Room Was A Nice Surprise


This girl previously shared the room with her brother.  We thought she would only need a dresser as the one they shared had been moved into his new room.  But when we brought her a nice white wooden dresser, we noticed that the bunk bed took far too much space in the small room.  Also, it was broken and was resting on cement blocks.

We also felt she would soon outgrow this little desk.



Along with the white dresser and lamp, we provided a single bed frame, white headboard, new mattress and pillow.  We dressed the bed with new white linens, a warm blanket and a turquoise eyelet bedspread.

At just the right time, a lovely wood desk and chair were donated so we passed it on to this girl.  Her parents generously decided to donate the small white desk for another child.