Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

Making Everything Fit


This boy had recently moved into a small apartment with his dad.  It was freshly painted grey but the boy’s favourite colours were blue and red. His mattress was really old.  He was unable to find places for all of his belongings, so toys and clothes were still in boxes. However, a friend of his dad’s had given him a lovely desk.  


We got a mate’s bed at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore so he would have enough space for clothes, toys and “stuffies” that were important to him.

We painted the back wall blue and added red stripes.  This went well with the new linens, comforter and throw.

With his agreement, we help this boy sort his belongings into tubs labelled “Keep”, “Toss” and “Donate.”  Then everything he wanted to keep fit easily into the closet, dresser and drawers under the bed.  We also found the perfect chair for his desk.