Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

Needing a Little Help


Rents are higher than they have ever been in the city where this family lives.  The single mom works hard every day and just needed some help to get started in their new place. 

Each boy has a mattress and box spring on the floor.


For the 14 year old boy we provided a solid wood bedframe to lift the bed off the floor.  His new bedding shows his favourite colour is orange. 

We brought a new dresser plus a desk and chair to do his homework.  His towel reflects his love of video games and a new clock radio will ensure he’s on time for school.
This 10 year old also got a solid wood bedframe, new bedding and a dresser.
His desk gives a quiet space to draw and read or do homework.  His long time interest in dinosaurs is reflected in his towel.
While we were gathering items for this family, a person called to offer a kitchen table.  Add a quick trip to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and we created a place for this family to eat together.