Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

New Life in a New Country


This refugee family with 3 children, had been given a lot of donations that were not necessarily meeting their needs.  This bedroom was painted and in good repair.  The two brothers using it were in elementary and secondary school and each really wanted his own bed.  As seen in the foreground, clothing storage was also an issue.


We cleared the room of an old bed, broken foam chair and a garden lounger.  We purchased a wheeled coat rack and placed it against one wall of their main living area.  Then we unloaded coats from both bedroom closets and filled the coat rack.  This created closet space to hang clothing in the closets of both bedrooms.
Next we brought in single beds, frames and headboards which we topped with new mattresses, linens, pillows and blankets.  Finally, we placed a white upright dresser between the beds for the boys to share and topped it with a lovely brass lamp for bedtime reading.