Creating Beautiful Bedrooms for Children to Thrive

Young Teen Gets His Own Room


This room needed paint, outlet covers and a door stopper.  The electrical outlet sparked when in use so would need to be replaced.  The double bed was a mattress on a sheet of plywood held up by pieces of wood.  One of the dressers belonged to a sibling and would move out of this room.



We painted the room blue with white trim.  To maximize the 90″ width of this room, we brought in a single bed with storage drawers underneath.  The new mattress was topped with new linens, comforter and pillow.  A volunteer created the window covering which we hung with a new roller blind beneath.

This boy liked his desk and it needed no repair, so he kept it.  It has more space now.  On the desk is his donated toiletry kit.  In order to keep the room tidy, we provided lots of clothes hangers.

This lovely wall hanging reflected the room’s colours so we hung it opposite the entry.